5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Facebook

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Big SisterThere's been a lot of debate lately on whether it's appropriate to announce your pregnancy to the world on Facebook.

But setting the controversy aside, the fact is people are doing it.

A LOT of people.

But like Sasha's headline pointed out last week, there's a right way and then there's a status update that says 6 cm dilated and screaming like hell!

We're not suggesting the latter, but what CAN you do?

1. A picture of your current child holding a sign announcing they're about to be a big sister/brother.

Why It Works: It has the aww factor. When my friend Ashley put up this photo of her daughter Addy, I melted instantly (if your ovaries don't flip at that one, your heart is made of STONE I say!)

2. A status update that announces you're growing a penis (for a boy) or a second vagina.

Why It Works: Because who doesn't like talking dirty?

3. Put a bun in your (actual) oven and snap a photo for your profile.

Why It Works: It shows you have a sense of humor -- and probably won't be the type to update with every bowel movement.

4. Like the "I'm Pregnant" page and see who comments.

Why It Works: People are nosy -- I fanned (and I'm not pregnant) and the comments were fast ... and hilarious.

5. Create an event invite for your friends with the location set to your nearest maternity clothing or baby store.

Why It Works: It lets your friends and family feel involved in the process.

Did you announce on Facebook?


Image courtesy of Ashley Yanacek -- mama-to-be!

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toria... toriandgrace

If I ever get pregnant again (infertility, yuck!) I will probably post a picture of my daughter with a sign, after I call the parents and best friends, of course. We live on the otherside of the country from most of my friends/ family, so it'd be a good way to announce.

mistr... mistressScorpio

I did announce on FB that I was pregnant. With a picture of me barefoot and in the kitchen.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

We never formally announced it, but my husband started taking pictures of me and the growing bump at week 12. He would post them and tag me. I created an album called the bump and added these pics to album.  This way our respective Facebook friends and family would see the update on our wall.  This was how most of our Facebook friends found out about the baby and it felt more natural than formally announcing it to the world.

nonmember avatar Christy

I know someone who announced their pregnancy on Facebook: "Ugh, morning sickness, I haz it"

nonmember avatar Tiffany Drew

I waited until I was showing to annouce it on facebook. I did a photoshoot with my husband and posted one of the pics from on my profile pages.

081109 081109

I actually didn't get into Facebook until I left work a week before my due date (oh boredom and Facebook, best friends) so I didn't announce that way first time around.  I will this time though (we're TTC), mostly because if I don't someone else will probably spill the beans for me on Facebook, and that would piss me off, the announcement needs to be on my terms.  I can so see telling my close friends/family and then someone commenting on my "ice cream for dessert" status with "aw, the little one has a sweet tooth" or something like that and the news is out to everyone.  We will be planning a celebration party for it and set up an event with the announcement and a party invite.

Eyvette Eyvette

I kept it simple. I put one word... "BLUE!" as my status as soon as I found out gender at 13 weeks. My best friend understood immediately, and explained it. So those that paid attention may have found out that way. I'm not doing a big facebook announcement. And, I will not be facebooking pictures while in the hospital. That will wait till we are home. I don't want everyone knowing we are not home, as that is inviting trouble to enter while we are away.

Addys... Addys_Mom

I bought a shirt saying "i just got knocked up" and took a picture wearing it and put it up. That was it. I still have people picking up on it and I am 20 weeks lol.

DyerM... DyerMaker

I took a digital pregnancy test and took a picture of the results. When I felt the time was right, I updated my profile picture to the display on the pregnancy test.

nonmember avatar Pregnant w/ #3

When I got that positive test this time around, I changed my status to "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Or girl?!" I thought it was clever :)

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