5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Facebook

Big SisterThere's been a lot of debate lately on whether it's appropriate to announce your pregnancy to the world on Facebook.

But setting the controversy aside, the fact is people are doing it.

A LOT of people.

But like Sasha's headline pointed out last week, there's a right way and then there's a status update that says 6 cm dilated and screaming like hell!

We're not suggesting the latter, but what CAN you do?


1. A picture of your current child holding a sign announcing they're about to be a big sister/brother.

Why It Works: It has the aww factor. When my friend Ashley put up this photo of her daughter Addy, I melted instantly (if your ovaries don't flip at that one, your heart is made of STONE I say!)

2. A status update that announces you're growing a penis (for a boy) or a second vagina.

Why It Works: Because who doesn't like talking dirty?

3. Put a bun in your (actual) oven and snap a photo for your profile.

Why It Works: It shows you have a sense of humor -- and probably won't be the type to update with every bowel movement.

4. Like the "I'm Pregnant" page and see who comments.

Why It Works: People are nosy -- I fanned (and I'm not pregnant) and the comments were fast ... and hilarious.

5. Create an event invite for your friends with the location set to your nearest maternity clothing or baby store.

Why It Works: It lets your friends and family feel involved in the process.

Did you announce on Facebook?


Image courtesy of Ashley Yanacek -- mama-to-be!

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