Pregnancy-Friendly Maki: Your Guide to Safer Sushi

Yes, you can. Here's how.
So now we know: Some moms are throwing caution to the wind and scarfing sushi while pregnant. Actually, I’ve been known to do this. I only go to one sushi place, and I trust Yoshi with my life (clearly). But when I’m elsewhere, I play it safe.

Aside from the raw-fish ish, there’s a lot to love about sushi. The seaweed it’s wrapped in is rich in fiber, vitamins, iodine, and B vitamins, and low in sodium. Let’s just ignore the fact that we’re sometimes sticking deep-fried shrimp in it, shall we?

Anyway, here’s a little list you can hide in your purse and bring along so you can order without fear. I’d have told you the names of specific rolls, but they can vary from chef to chef. So ask for rolls with these ingredients -- and make sure they aren’t mixed with raw fish, which sometimes happens too (but usually only in the super-expensive “special rolls”).

  • California Rolls: Fake crab-stick, avocado, rice, seaweed. Done.
  • King California Rolls: I get these, but they aren’t available everywhere. It’s real crab meat. Much yummier.
  • Salmon Skin Rolls: They take the salmon skin and bake it to crispy perfection, then put a nice little sauce on it. It’s a little different from your average sushi, but worth a try.
  • Eel Rolls: My local place calls these “Rock 'n’ Rolls,” so try looking for that. But anything with eel will be cooked and topped with that awesome sweet sauce.
  • Anything With Shrimp: Ebi is usually cooked, though you might want to double-check.
  • Tempura Rolls: Usually they use shrimp, but I’ve seen soft-shell crab and even salmon. Just be careful -- sometimes they’ll deep-fry the whole roll, yet somehow keep the fish inside raw. It’s delicious, but not what you’re looking for at this moment.
  • Vegetarian Rolls: “Kappa” is cucumber. Inari is tofu, usually fried and stuffed with rice (really sweet and tasty, I have them for dessert). Oshinko is pickled Chinese cabbage. Shiitake is a sweet black mushroom. An Ume Shiso roll has plum and mint leaves. Mouth watering yet? I know, they’re delicious. Just cast your eye down the list of veggie rolls for more options.

Have you enjoyed preggo-friendly sushi with your mocktails? What’s your favorite roll? Tell us in the comments!

Image: BloggyBoulga/Flickr

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