Preventing Lesbianism ... Before Birth?

Perfect WifeIn scary Stepford Wife news, it seems a pediatric endocrinologist in Florida is experimenting with a hormone called dexamethasone -- nicknamed “dex” -- and has had some results in turning female babies more "female."

This hormone can apparently prevent masculinization of girls' genitals, so much so that it makes them love fairies, Barbies, cooking, and babies.


According to the Bioethics Forum:

"Pediatric endocrinologist Maria New, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University, and her long-time collaborator, psychologist Heino F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg, of Columbia University, have been tracing evidence for the influence of prenatal androgens in sexual orientation."

"In a paper entitled 'What Causes Low Rates of Child-Bearing in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia?' Meyer-Bahlburg writes that 'CAH women as a group have a lower interest than controls in getting married and performing the traditional child-care/housewife role. As children, they show an unusually low interest in engaging in maternal play with baby dolls, and their interest in caring for infants, the frequency of daydreams or fantasies of pregnancy and motherhood, or the expressed wish of experiencing pregnancy and having children of their own appear to be relatively low in all age groups.”

Hard to believe, really.

I am all for curing things that need curing, but lesbianism? Or not liking dolls? Those are not among them.

In fact, everything that makes me myself would be bred out. Instead of a passionate, opinionated woman who loves my children but doesn't live by them, I could be a blond in a 1950s house dress serving cookies and a martini to my husband (he may actually like this idea, it seems).

I can't even imagine the future if everything that made us unique and individual was bred out so we all behave like ... well, like Stepford Wives.

No thank you.

What do you think of this idea?


Image via Sappymoosetree/Flickr

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