Pregnant Woman Wins Lucasfilm Discrimination Suit

George LucasJulie Veronese, the woman who sued Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas' company Lucasfilm for pregnancy discrimination, won her case. The jury in the suit awarded her $113,800. That's less than the $677,000 plus more for "emotional distress" she was hoping to get, but the implications the ruling could carry for pregnant women everywhere are priceless.

Veronese, 37, was pregnant with twins when she applied for the job as George Lucas' assistant, which entailed bringing him food and caring for his two malamute dogs. Veronese was said to come from an upper-class family. Lucas' hiring manager claims she told her not to bother showing up to work because she had doubts she'd do well in such a menial position. Veronese claims she was let go because of issues the company, and thereby Lucas himself, had with women, pregnant women in particular.


Lucas has a questionable history when it comes to women in the way that he portrays romantic love in his plots and in his dealings with his ex-wife.

The jury decided Veronese should get $93,800 for lost wages and $20,000 for emotional distress. It rejected a request for punitive damages, but Veronese's lawyer says she will ask for up to $1.2 million in attorney fees from Lucasfilm, according to the Associated Press.


Image via superde1uxe/Flickr

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