Jacob: Baby Name of the Day

Team JacobStephenie Meyer may have made some eyes roll with a certain name in Breaking Dawn, but the Twilight author stuck to the classics when she was picking character names.

You don't have to be a Taylor Lautner fan to admit that Jacob is a popular baby name, folks.

It has spent 11 years on top of the Social Security Administration's Baby Name list.

Eleven years!


That's well before Twilight started making moms sweat.

So what's the story?

Trace it back to the roots, and the meaning of the name Jacob may explain it all.

It means "supplanter," according to the Baby Name Finder. Funny -- he's certainly supplanted every boy name out there for over a decade (not to mention Edward in Eclipse).

A Hebrew name, its Biblical connotations no doubt play a role here too -- betraying America's Judeo-Christian roots while everyone clamors to have their kid build their own personal ladder to heaven.

Or maybe it's just the old "see a name and liked it" story. It's one name you can't help but have seen.

What I want to see: Will the Twilight association hamper or help this name on the 2011 Social Security name list?


Image via TwilighttheMovie.com

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