Expandable Maternity Dress: Too Bad It's So Ugly

Skin expandable maternity dress

Brooklyn designer Marisol Rodriguez is definitely on to something with her expandable maternity dress ... but she's not there yet. Because this outfit is God-awful. The one above is also available in green according to pictures, but trust me, it doesn't improve things.


Expandable maternity wear is a really great idea. Truly. This is one in a line called Skin that's currently not available in the United States. As the blog dsgnWrld writes,

Each dress transforms itself as it follows the natural process of pregnancy. The exploration of traditional Asian techniques (Origami) and simple methods of cutting and folding resulted in a design that expresses versatility, elegance, and extended lifetime.

The A-line dress style in nice; my issue is with the freaky expandable part. Take stage one. When you don't have a bump to show off, you may not want a lot of people to know you are pregnant just yet. Either the dress will be a dead giveaway or coworkers will be constantly staring at your stomach wondering what's up with those weird vents. They also run horizontally in some designs.

And stages two and three are just ... fugly. Maybe not on someone glamorous like Claudia Schiffer or Gisele ... no, I take that back, it would look hideous on them, too.

My second issue is why someone would want to wear the same thing throughout the duration of their pregnancy, as is the point of this line. This dress, um, kinda stands out, unlike jeans, khakis, or a t-shirt. Could not see wearing this several times a week. Or even several times a month. Or ever.

Would you wear this dress?

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