Jen Schefft Having a Girl

Jen Schefft reports that former Bachelor and Bachelorette star Jen Schefft is having a girl.

Schefft did not find love on the show, but she did marry in 2008 and is now due to have her first child in November.

Congrats to Jen!

Reading this news I have two thoughts:

1.) How does anyone ever NOT find out what they're having?

2.) Girls rock.

When I found out I was having a girl, I was three months pregnant, lying on the table with my first belly ultrasound (the rest had been courtesy the dildo-cam). When I saw her little heart beating and they told me it was a girl, I cried with happiness. I had secretly (and not so secretly) had a very strong preference.

My husband's exact quote: "What am I going to do when she has sex?"


As I explained, we still had a few (hopefully more) years before we had to worry about our then-fetus's sex life, but I got his point. For many men, the news that they are about to become daddies to daughters is frightening, indeed. This is much like the news I got 18 months later, during my second pregnancy, when the ultrasound tech saw a penis on the new baby.

What was I supposed to do with a boy?

Almost four years later, I'm proud to report that both sexes are equally wonderful to parent. If we have a third (and we may), I can safely say I will have no preference because I see the joy so clearly in both.

However, even four years later, I still don't understand my first question. How can anyone not want to know?

Did you want to know? And did you have a preference?

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