Drinking While Pregnant Could Harm Your Son's Sperm!

wineNeed another reason not to drink alcohol while you're pregnant? Your future grandchildren!

A new study says women who drink while they're pregnant could damage their sons' sperm, thus affecting their future fertility.

And it doesn't take much -- less than one glass a day, according to Danish researchers who studied about 350 young men. They found that those with mothers who drank four drinks per week or more had sperm levels that were one-third lower than those of mothers who didn't drink.


"This might result in a son, when he wants to be a father, needing more time to make his partner pregnant," said lead researcher Dr Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen. "I can't say the man will be infertile. But we see this lower sperm concentration at higher levels of alcohol exposure, and we know that it takes more time to make your partner pregnant the lower sperm concentration you have."

The study isn't conclusive about the link, and there is a call for more research.

"I don't think we can be certain that alcohol is necessarily the bad thing here -- it could be a surrogate marker for something else -- but clearly there is some kind of relationship," Dr. Dr Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, told BBC. "It needs following up but it might help us understand factors which affect testicle development in the womb."

Something to think about before you sip ...

Do you drink alcohol occasionally while you're pregnant? Will this study change that?

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