Severe Morning Sickness Ends in Abortion

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For Cheryl Harrison of the UK, the morning sickness in her pregnancy became so awful, she had an abortion at nine weeks.

Harrison was suffering from a condition that affects one in 50 pregnant women known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). She was sick up to 40 times a day and could no longer even accomplish the simplest tasks -- from fetching her 5-year-old a snack to walking from her bedroom to the bathroom -- without needing to vomit.

"I had one day where I could not move from the bathroom, I was sick 27 times. I couldn't get Scarlett anything to eat even though she was starving. I dragged myself across the floor, managed to get her some chocolate from the fridge, and thought 'I can't do this again,'" Harrison told the Daily Mail.

She decided to terminate.


It was not a decision Harrison took lightly. She says she thinks about that pregnancy every day and that her husband also wonders what their family could have looked like.

I have had several friends who suffered from HG, some of whom had to be hospitalized, so I know it's a very serious issue. It's difficult to even lift one's head without the urge to throw up.

I cannot even imagine having to make a choice like Harrison's. I had mild morning sickness every once in a while, but my "suffering" seems like a beach day compared to HG.

According to the Daily Mail article, academics from around the world will meet at Warwick University on July 1 to discuss the causes, effects, and treatments of HG.

Psychologist Dr Brian Swallow, coordinator of the Pregnancy Sickness Support conference, said too many doctors trivialised morning sickness.

"HG can be far more serious than anyone realizes," Dr. Swallow told the Daily Mail.

Did any of you suffer from HG? How did you deal with it?


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