How to Pass Up a Cocktail Without Looking Suspicious

mojitoIt appears bad-girl British pop star Lily Allen has people in the UK on Bump Watch Red Alert after she publicly declined alcohol on not one, but three separate occasions. She's apparently not known as a girl who'll pass up a cocktail.

Lily, sweetie, neither am I, and let me tell you, you're going about this all wrong. Both times I was pregnant, I knew if my friends saw me virtuously order ice water, the jig would be up long before I felt confident telling people. Of course, I also didn't want to limit my social life to (decaf) coffee dates until I'd made it through first trimester, so I had to get creative at faking people out.



At a family wedding when I was seven weeks pregnant, I sent my husband to the bar at the rehearsal dinner to order  a nonalcoholic beer and have the bartender pour it into a glass, so it simply looked like I was drinking a draft (the downside was that it was a truly wretched version of nonalcoholic beer, and it put me, a craft beer lover, off the stuff until after I had my son four years later). We had a complicated rigamarole at the actual wedding where we kept switching his emptied wine glass with my full and untouched one when no one was looking.

My other trick was to order a club soda with lime. It looks just like a gin and tonic and tastes good to boot and the bubbles and sourness can help quell nausea.

"Faux-jitos" got me through a couple of parties -- it's the mint, sugar, lime juice and club soda of a lovely refreshing mojito, but without the rum component. Actually, even not pregnant, I still drink those sometimes, they're good.

My sister-in-law's trick was to accept a beer, and then casually abandon it somewhere. Another friend, who's always been in the "tell as soon as the stick turns blue"  camp, just went ahead and ordered the Diet Coke and enjoyed the congratulations that followed (although she never said a thing).

Of course, we all know that Allen is likely doing this to revel in the publicity, whether she's knocked up or not. After all, once she cops to being pregnant (or, for that matter, in recovery), the story's over. The longer she keeps people guessing, the more attention she'll get.

Did you have to throw people off the scent, either by disguising your new non-drinking state or in some other way? Did you care if people figured it out before you were ready to tell them?

Image via miamism/Flickr

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