Baby Bottles: Some Safe, BPA-Free Options

BPA (bisphenol-A), a type of plastic used in some baby bottles and other baby products such as teething rings and pacifiers, has been in the news a ton over the last few months. Word on whether or not it's safe is conflicting, and moms around here are talking about it, too. Are you concerned? Here's some information -- and some BPA-free alternatives.


Although the Food And Drug Administration has declared the substance safe, government toxicologists have continued to cite concerns over BPA possibly causing developmental problems or illness in infants and children. And Cafe Suzanne, who writes Baby Buzz, blogged about how some major retailers are no longer selling bottles that contain BPA and how Canada is moving to ban bottles containing the chemical.

Many moms are opting to ban BPA, too. How to make sure you're avoiding it altogether? Of course exclusive breastfeeding is one option, but not one that ends up working out for all baby mamas. And even if it does, most moms still at some point want the flexibility of using a bottle.

Choosing glass baby bottles is one possibility. And brands like Playtex and BornFree offer plastic bottles that are totally BPA-free. has a slideshow that features more ideas on safe bottles and sippie cups, too (I like the glass bottle from Babylife -- it comes with a cool, brightly-colored protective silicone sleeve.)

Are you worried about the BPA controversy? What's your feeding/bottle plan for when baby arrives?

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