Smell Like Play-Doh? You Could Be Pregnant -- Or Not

play dohAdd this to the list of weird wives' tales on how to tell if you're pregnant:

I went to a sex toy party last weekend (my first, and yes, it was hilarious), and the "goddess" was talking pheromones.

These fragrant oils are supposed to react differently with each person's body chemistry to create your own unique scent -- either to attract the boys or just to give you a signature smell.

So what does this have to do with pregnancy?


That women possibly smell "pregnant" is no big news -- how do you think your dog knows to stop jumping on your belly and start acting more protective of the mama-to-be?

But the rumor that floated at this party -- that's apparently widely held -- is a pregnant woman's pheromones smell like Play-Doh.

Nothing like a big fat reminder that we'll be stuck at home digging this stuff out of the couch cushions with a steam vac for the next six years. Thanks a lot.

Of course this threw all the women into a tizzy at the party -- with the hostess declaring multiple times, "I'm NOT pregnant." She's midway through nursing school, so you can't blame the ferocity of her denial. It wouldn't exactly be the best timing.

But we had an actual pregnant woman on hand (due the next day in fact -- there was no mistaking this mama) and she smelled ... nothing like Play-Doh.

So much for wives' tales.

What are the weird things you were told about how to tell if you're pregnant?


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