Baby Shower Eats: The New Meaning of Baby Food

cupcakesNo one wants to eat pureed baby food at a baby shower.

Yes, I know you think it's cute.

No, I'm not sorry to burst your bubble.

It's just torture for the people who ponied up $100 on onesies and binky clips to be there. The least you could do is feed them something they want to eat.

But no one says you have to abandon the "baby" theme.

The answer?


Eeny weeny eats.

And my new favorite food blog, Tartelette, is serving up pint-sized picks that are perfect for your next shower.

She made tiny lemon vanilla cupcakes the other day that are gluten-free and almost as cute as a newborn's toes.

And the fresh berry tartelettes don't just ring true to the blog's name but put a "fresh" twist on how to inject the harvest onto your shower table.

Finding more shower-appropriate ideas is as easy as putting "bite sized" into the search at your favorite food blog. Check these teeny flower pot desserts at The Pioneer Woman or these itty-bitty (rum-less) rum balls at Cooking With Amy.

Now that you have no excuse to try to make your BFFs eat pureed pears, what are your favorite pint-sized foods that fit the "baby" theme?


Images via Tartelette

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