6 Maternity Wedding Dresses for Real Moms

We've discussed maternity wedding gowns before, from the tasteful to the terrible. I know I am in good company with my awesome prenatal nuptial gown. I went searching for CafeMoms and other brides-with-bumps and came up with these. Got one of your own? Let me know and we'll do a follow-up with even more!

Here I am, happy and huge, July 13, 2008. That's Penelope peeking out my lacy belly button. The dress is empire waist, but by the time we got to the big day, I needed to have it let out a bit -- a wizard of a seamstress turned the lining into some extra room on the sides, and nobody was the wiser!

Maternity Wedding Gown 1













Here's my friend Lisa from high school. She always, always looks amazing, and her wedding day was no exception -- bump or no bump, she had the perfect style for her city hall hook-up.

Maternity Wedding Gown 2













You have to trust me on this -- Anne is 6 months pregnant here! Doesn't it just look like a food-baby? Gorgeous, pg or unpg!

Maternity Wedding Gown 6

















This is CafeMom Hoomom, who was having a difficult pregnancy (me too!) and even had several contractions during the service! "I dooo-OOOOOOOH!"

Maternity Wedding Gown 3

















I just love this one, from CafeMom Graden_Daeani. The dress is so summery and light, and matches the joy on her face perfectly.

Maternity Wedding Gown 4























This one came to me via Flickr. She looks like she can't believe she did it, and she's ready to honeymoon in the maternity ward!

Maternity Wedding Gown 5



















What do you think of these pregnant brides? Tell us in the comments!


Images (top to bottom): Amy Keyishian, Lisa Rand (with permission), Anne Wladyka/Flickr  Hoomom/CafeMom, Graden_Daeani/CafeMom, 42Dreams/Flickr

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