Alicia Keys Shows Off 'Huge' Baby Bump, Has Baby Blessed in Zulu Ceremony

Alicia Keys looked radiant at the BET Awards last night with her baby bump proudly displayed while rocking a short fuchsia dress. On Good Morning America Friday she looked (and sounded) equally gorgeous and said she is about five months pregnant.


Us Weekly called her baby bump "huge,"/ which, first of all, I don't think is true. But even if it is "huge," it drives me crazy when people choose to comment about the size of a pregnant woman's belly.

There's enough fear and questioning about what's normal and what's right when you're pregnant that you don't need strangers (or the public at large in the case of Keys) judging the size of you and/or your baby. It happened to me all the time when I was pregnant, and as much as I tried to shrug them off as uninformed people just trying to make conversation, they still got to me ... just like US Weekly's headline did when I read it.

Stepping off my soap box now ...

Earlier this month while in Africa for the World Cup, Keys had her unborn child blessed in a traditional Zulu ceremony.

She and fiancé Swizz Beatz donned tribal beads for a blessing under a fig tree. Keys and the baby were given traditional (though undisclosed) names. She was chosen for the ceremony by a local children's charity that she supports.

It sounds like a lovely event and what a wonderful way to celebrate a growing life.

Have you had any kind of blessings or ceremonies performed on your unborn baby?


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