Facebook Status Update: 6 Cms Dilated and Screaming Like Hell!

Announcing one's pregnancy is a delicate event: Some jump out of the bathroom, pee-stick in hand, shouting it to the world. Others wait the requisite three months and send handwritten notes to the important players.

And some ... Facebook it.

An article on Facebook and pregnancy recently made me think a lot about the way we announce our pregnancies to the world.

For me, it was a near panic attack in the bathroom, my pants around my ankles, screaming something to the effect of: "What have we done, honey?!"

I am quite certain others have handled it better.


I have also learned of countless new babies, pregnancies, engagement, marriages, and new jobs through Facebook. Another Stir blogger wrote about this recently, too. I don't mind hearing the news this way. Really, I don't.

That's not exactly true. I don't mind with most people. I do mind with friends I thought I was closer with than that. I once facebooked that my daughter had been in an accident before I told my closest friend. Let's just say she didn't appreciate being told along with the guy I went to my junior prom with whose name I can barely remember.

Facebook is a great way to spread news and to learn things about our friends, but it's a terrible way to spread news to the people to whom we are the closest. And I suppose it's also a way of learning who considers you a close friend.

Did I learn you were expecting via a status update? Yes? Well then maybe we are not as tight as I thought. And that's OK. But it sends a message. And for me, that message is: Don't splurge too much on the baby shower gift since we aren't that close.

Do you think Facebook is an appropriate way to tell the world you're pregnant?


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