James Van Der Beek: He Found Out the Sex of His Baby!


baby girl gift basketDid you find out the sex of your baby or do you want to be surprised? I found out, and so did my favorite Dawson's Creek alum, James Van Der Beek! For me it was a no-brainer. As a single-mom-to-be it seemed more economical to find out what I was having and buy/plan ahead according to gender -- I also couldn't wait nine long months (alone) in great anticipation.

So, at my 20-week sonogram, the technician announced I was having a boy -- there went my attempt to re-create the Gilmore Girls! Seriously, though, I was delighted. Thank heaven for little girls boys. Even Gwen Stafani agrees with me!

So I wasn't shocked to find out that Van Der Beek and long-time girlfriend, Kimberly Brook, found out the sex of their baby.

They are having a girl! Brook told People mag:

"We’re so excited to announce we are expecting a girl!"

She expects a pink and white-themed baby shower (Southern-style showers are hot and yummy!) and even told the magazine they're open to name suggestions since they have no idea what to call their baby, due this fall.

Well, since you asked -- I like the names Mia, Lily, Anna, and Jane.

Did you find out what you were having or did you want to be surprised? Care to share some name suggestions?


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MissF... MissForth

I'd always thought I'd want to be surprised but when the time came I wanted to find out. And I like the name Pheobe.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Me and my husband found out what we were having.

Cindy... CindyBeee

I think they should name the baby Sophia :)

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