Katy: Baby Name of the Day

katy perryYou know you're a parenting writer when "California Gurls" comes on XM and instead of Googling "daisy dukes," you search for "Katy Perry name meaning."

But if you're reading a pregnancy blog, chances are you're looking for a baby name -- so be thankful I did!

Turns out Katy is short for Katheryn -- which I suppose shouldn't be surprising. But while I like the longer name -- I have a dear cousin named Katherine -- I'm kind of digging the short version.


It's one of those "different but not weird" names that I think most parents are looking for when they name their children.

As my colleague Suzanne pointed out on a recent baby name post, you want a name for your child that is unusual enough that there will be just one in their class. But not so unusual that it's butchered by every doctor's front office person/telemarketer/teacher/restaurant hostess for the rest of their life.

As Katy with a "t," it's a variant of the English Katherine, meaning "pure." Hey, she does have gospel music roots after all.

I'm an even bigger fan of Kady, which is Irish and means "a rhythmic flow of sounds," and just happens to be the name of one of my daughter's favorite little buddies.

Are you a fan of Katy -- her name or her music?


Image via HARHANJAM www.jeffdenberg.com/Flickr

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