Saving Your Pee Stick? EPT's Got Your Hookup!

EPT keepsake pouch
Remember when you found out?
It’s like EPT is stalking us. Remember when CafeMom blogger Jeanne revealed her collection of used pregnancy tests -- the positive ones, anyway? She got tons of responses (including from me) affirming her odd hoarding of this momentous urine-covered artifact. (And one saying we were all sick, which is almost certainly true.)

I am overjoyed to report that EPT is enabling our strange, sentimental behavior with a specially designed caddy in which to store our proof positive. (Side note: I expected this would be a clear Lucite container, like the thing they store King Tut’s liver-jar in so you can get a good look at it from all sides. It’s not. It’s just a zippered pouch. Maybe I need to make an Etsy store …)

Which leaves me wondering: What other keepsakes would I like to save from my pregnant days?

  • The five dozen negative tests from the frustrating months leading up to Penelope’s conception, in a bleacher-style caddy much like the Crayola 64-crayon box.
  • Baby’s First Meconium, suspended in amber.
  • A bonfire kit with which to have a ritual burning of my sweaty, unwieldy, but indispensable Snoogle.
  • The test tube (Petri dish?) our RE used to mix the proto-Penelope up.*
  • My stretch marks. I’d like to just peel them right off, tie them into a little bow, and put them somewhere.

Actually, there is some stuff I would legitimately like to save in a nice container -- like the baby’s little black umbilicus, and the hair I cut off when I gave her bangs. This is stuff nobody wants to look at, but I can’t let go of ... maybe I just need a little jewelry box marked “Gross Stuff Only a Mom Could Love?” Hey -- I could build one out of the Popsicle sticks from when I was in labor!

Would you get the EPT pouch? Do you keep your positive pregnancy tests? What other odd artifacts would you like to keep? Tell us in the comments!

*Really, we just did IUI, but it’s an idea.**
**I didn’t say it was a good idea.

Image via EPT


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