Bailey: Baby Name of the Day

melissa etheridgeMelissa Etheridge's new album, Fearless Love, is just another example of why she's still topping the charts after 20 years.

Short answer: It rocks.

Longer answer: She pays attention to her passions.

In this case her daughter, Bailey, who Etheridge says had the naming rights to the new album.

Appearing on the Joy Behar Show this week, Etheridge said Bailey told her her own idea for the album title was too long, and when Melissa suggested "Fearless," the teen reminded her that was Taylor Swift's album.

The final result shows off the naming skills in the Etheridge family and got me thinking about Bailey's own moniker.


The eldest of Etheridge's four children, she's one of the famous kids created with the help of rocker David Crosby.

And she's not the only celebrity child to carry the name -- expectant mother and designer Stella McCartney has a little girl named Bailey as well.

With both English and French origins, the name means "courtyard within castle walls: steward or public official," according to the CafeMom Baby Name Finder.

It's usually seen as a last name -- singer Corinne Bailey Rae used her surname as a middle name -- but it's been steadily growing in popularity. These days Bailey is number 80 among American baby names, number 44 among the children under 6 months old of CafeMoms.


Image via DDFic/Flickr

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