This Robot Baby Wants You to Get Knocked Up

The Japanese are famous for their robot babies. First there was Diego-San and now there is Yotaro, the robot baby some are hoping will encourage more real babies.

Yotaro is a computerized, robotic baby who giggles, coos, cries, and lights up. And Hiroki Kunimura, project leader for the robot, thinks he has found the solution to Japan's low birth rate.

I doubt it, dude.

Because what does Yotaro leave out? Pregnancy.

And what really makes a woman want to be pregnant?


To think only of the baby and how it will coo and be adorable seems to me a bit like a bride who thinks only of the wedding and not the marriage. The physical changes to a pregnant mother are huge: The skin stretches, hormones go crazy, breasts fill with milk. There is no way to prepare for any of it.

Getting me to go through all of that takes a lot more than an adorable baby. I wanted to be a parent. Having an adorable baby, after all, is only one part of the equation.

In my case, becoming a parent meant sharing my body for four years (and still going). I was pregnant for 18 months total over a three-year period and then nursed my first for a year and my second for almost two (and still going).

A robot can cry and "sleep" and even get hungry, but it just cannot replicate the physical sea-change the mother will experience when she decides to become a parent. For that, she would be better off training for a triathlon.

What motivated you to become a parent? Did you do any physical preparation for birth?

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