Disney Is Moving Into Maternity!


Disney maternityMotherhood is tantamount to being launched into a Disney world, so why doesn't the Mouse have a maternity line?

They do now.

The Stir got a look-see at the first maternity clothes from Disney on Tuesday at a private press event in Manhattan.

According to folks with Disney Consumer Products, the demand has been high to expand the Disney clothing line from mommy and me to just for mom, and the result will soon be in Motherhood Maternity stores (and online) across the U.S.

I tried to shy away from maternity clothes in general when I was pregnant, so I can't say I noticed the lack of these, but there seems to be a demand if posts on the myriad Disney Message Boards out there are any indication.

Some moms have been able to rustle stuff up on eBay from a long discontinued line, but there's been no major marketer -- and apparently quite a demand.

And what can I say, they were absolutely adorable -- loose in the arms for swelling appendages but tummy hugging to show off that cute curve.

Not enough to make me become pregnant again, but I'd buy it for a die-hard character fan friend.

Will you be sporting a Mickey bump?


Image by Jeanne Sager

maternity clothes


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Julie... Julieryanevans

Not a fan, too many cartoon characters enter your life AFTER the baby is born.

leberly leberly

I would wear disney. I love disney.

katek... katekilla

Gah. I love some Disney movies, but I hate seeing grownups wearing massive babyish cartoon character clothing. If you're enough of a woman to get pregnant and bear a child, can't you own your womanhood, rather than dress like you're a two-year-old?

LoriA... LoriAnn87

nope disney should be left for kids not grow ups.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Oh tacky.  I really am not a fan of adult women in stuff like this.

ZoOkaZeE ZoOkaZeE

I love Disney! I also have a Poppey tank top :) heehe

JoLee... JoLee12345

I love Disney! If I can find it, I would buy it today!


I would not be wearing that, no.

momof... momoflilangel

I would for pajamas but not just out and about. Or maybe for Disney world. LOL

ethan... ethans_momma06

I probably wouldnt, but I do know a few women who are really mickey and minney fans....

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