Justin: Baby Name of the Day

Say what you will about the swoop-haired teen sensation -- his music stinks, he looks like a lesbian, his hair will someday be mocked as relentlessly as that of Flock of Seagulls -- but you have to admit that Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm. Even hinting that he’s dating a certain Armenian celebutante set off a Twitter storm of unprecedented proportion. So there’s sure to be an uptick in baby Justins around the country.

So what will this do for the popularity of the name Justin?


This name is supposed to work for both boys and girls, but in practice, it's much more common for boys. The only female Justin I ever knew, I see on Facebook, has changed the spelling to Justen. It’s a great name -- strong, manlier than Jeremy, more unusual than John.
Comes from Latin, meaning “judicious,” “fair,” “righteous,” and refers to the New Testament name Justus, the name of several saints. There are 6,877 CafeMoms with sons named Justin.

Here’s a surprise: Despite the popularity of Justin Timberlake and Justin Long (Drew Barrymore’s sometimes beau), according to the Social Security Administration, the name Justin has been on a steady decline in popularity over the past 20-odd years. With an all-time high spot at #7 in 1988, it dropped down to #20 around 1994 (two years before Bieber's birth), where it hovered consistently until the 2000s. Then it dropped again, landing at #45 in 2006 and staying around there. So, this should be an interesting year for Justin (the name, not the Bieb, though it’s proving pretty interesting for him, too). Will it begin climbing in popularity again? Let’s meet back here in a year to find out!
What do you think of the name Justin? Does the Bieber make you more or less inclined to use it? Have you heard the name popping up more often? Tell us in the comments!


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