Fourth of July: Will You Wear a Flag on Your Belly?

Easter Pregnant
My Easter
How do you like to dress your bump -- with class or sass? I ask because I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. If I’m going out to a grownup event, like a fancy cocktail party, I’ll do my best to look like a grownup, in muted shades and peaceful patterns. In fact, I think I go a little too conservative because I feel so self-conscious.
But when it’s just me and the fam, I’m more likely to go with “stunt dressing.” And being pregnant has only made this tendency worse.


Perhaps this will surprise you (not), but I’m the kind of person who, when told there is a singalong to Sound of Music this afternoon at the Castro Theater, can go to her closet, open a large blue tub, and pull out a pair of lederhosen. (I exaggerate. I had to improvise the lederhosen. But I do have an outer-space outfit, several variations on goth spider-woman, and a Dorothy dress with a tulle underskirt in there, among other things.)
Being pregnant has intensified this tendency. Behold my Easter outfit. Granted, I was on my way to a local celebration sponsored by a charity organization run by a gaggle of drag queens, but: egg belly? Really, me? It’s like some people decorate their homes for every holiday. Invite me to a Valentine’s Day, Arbor Day, or (this is what set me off) Fourth of July party, and I’m dressing this temporary accessory adorning my bod.
Ever since I saw the episode of Project Runway where the designers made maternity wear, I’ve come to realize I’m in the minority with my pregnancy-drag tendencies. Let me refresh your memory: It was season six, and Malvin came up with a high-concept design that featured a lovely black organza tunic with a yolk-covered overwrap that looked sorta like an egg. I loved it. I wanted it. Nina thought it was bizarre, and Malvin was booted off.
“Bizarre?” Since when is that bad? You’re only pregnant a couple times in life -- I see it as a time to show off and have fun. This weird idea that you’re still supposed to strut around in heels and be “hot” while you’re gestating -- I don’t get it. I’m not saying I want to rock my pink velour tracksuit around the clock. I’m saying this is a temporary condition, not normal, so why act like it is? Be abnormal! It’s not a bad thing!
But I’ve been perusing Flickr looking for fellow pregnant-drag aficionadas, and I can find precious few. Here’s a fabulous Easter Peep. Here’s a patriotic portrait. Other than that, it’s all Halloween costumes or painted or hennaed bellies, which are great, but not quite the look-at-me themed outfits I like to rock for special occasions.

Do you like to dress up your bumps? What was your last “happy holiday” outfit? Tell me in the comments!

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