4 Things a Pregnant Woman Should Know Before Sunbathing

pregnant lady in bikini
Who doesn't love to stretch out on a lounge chair on a warm summer day and soak up some vitamin D (essential to pregnant women, btw)? Anyone? I didn't think so. Well, for pregnant women, there are several precautions to take. Dr. Lisa M. Valle, DO, board-certified obstetrician & gynecologist gives us the skinny on the sun and pregnancy.

1. Drink Up: Adequate fluid intake is vital to ensuring an appropriate amount of hydration during pregnancy. In humid or hot weather, additional fluids are necessary to make up for fluid lost through sweat -- so sip cold water consistently when sunbathing.


2. Take Shade Breaks: Sunbathing during pregnancy can increase the risk of overexposure to heat and dehydration, which can be associated with pre-term contractions. Cool off in the pool or indoors in an air-conditioned space.  

3. Expect Weird Tan Lines: Exposing the linea nigra, the line on the belly, to sun will result in a darker line. Women experiencing the mask of pregnancy/chloasma should stay out of the sun, because it will worsen the skin condition.

4. Lather Up With SPF: You should always wear sunscreen, but pregnant women should especially! An elevated level of hormones makes a pregnant woman's skin more susceptible to sunburn, so it's vital that you apply, reapply, and take frequent breaks from the sun.

Did you sunbathe while pregnant?

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