Is Your Unborn Baby on Facebook and Twitter?

When I was pregnant, I was penning a popular mom blog for a magazine. I posted details about doctor visits, crib bedding, and food cravings. Well, move over blogs, Facebook and Twitter are taking over!

According to a new article published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, mom-to-be Nicole Putz doesn't leave home without her laptop in tow.


At 32 weeks pregnant, Putz was admitted to the hospital to monitor the baby and she let everyone know it too. "Just had an ultrasound and my little man is already approx. 4lb 10oz at 32 weeks! He is getting big!!!!" -- 13 of her Facebook friends "liked" her status almost immediately.

Facebook has been paying attention to updates that bombard the social media network -- now, there's an application called My Pregnancy. Random strangers can view what used to be private details of a woman's or couple's life.

One couple, Cris DiLegge and her boyfriend, Angelo, updated their Facebooks with basic status messages noting the progress of labor and baby's arrival time. But, they opted to text private details like, "the baby weighs 8lbs 11oz and 21 1/4 long, NO WONDER that hurt & I needed tons of stitches!"

I didn't change the status on my Facebook or tweet my son's birth. I posted a blog in the morning alerting readers that I was heading to the hospital, and later that day my brother updated my editor, who updated the blog. People have asked me why I didn't update my Facebook status or tweet during the day my son was born. I tell them, simply, I was busy.

Have you been sharing details about your pregnancy on Facebook and Twitter? Will you update your Facebook status or tweet during your labor and delivery?

Photo via/Franco Bouly/Flickr

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