5 Clever Father's Day Gifts for Dads-to-Be

father and son
There has been some debate over whether a dad-to-be is a dad. And in some circles, there seems to be debate over whether dads even matter at all.

But I couldn't have had my two children without my husband (literally) and can't imagine not thanking him for that, even while the baby is still in utero. Since there's no baby yet, it's a good time to get him something just for him, something he wouldn't buy himself and something that helps assuage his fears that life as we knew it is over.

I learned I was pregnant on June 1, a couple weeks after Mother's Day (you're welcome, honey), but a couple weeks before Father's Day, so I wanted to give him something for going to the trouble of knocking me up. I ended up doing a card and a homemade brunch, but here are some other ideas:



No matter what state of pregnancy you are in, most men would love a nice photo (preferably nude) of their wife/partner carrying their child. You can hire a professional and surprise him with it or just have someone take some "artistic" photos, make them black and white, and frame them. Voila! Great gift.

Beer-of-the-Month Club:

This could also be swapped out with anything your man is interested in: wine, cheese, meat, magazines.


Give him a digital camera or a Flip video recorder or something just for him. Is he a runner? Get him a Garmin Forerunner. A swimmer? Get him a waterproof case for his iPhone.


Buy him some rock climbing gear and some lessons for after the baby comes. Has he always wanted to go to a certain golf club? Get him a pass. Find a sport he hasn't yet tried and get him lessons to show him that life continues even after you're a parent.

Gift Certificates:

Same idea here. Get him a spa gift certificate (he would never get a pedicure himself) or a gift certificate to a restaurant you can use on your first "date night" after the baby comes. Get him several expensive bottles of champagne (or wine or beer) and mark each for certain "milestones" -- "first night baby sleeps through"; "first tooth"; "just because," etc. Promise him that over the course of the first year, you will enjoy those drinks together.

What are you doing for your man?

Image via Scott Ableman/Flickr

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