Is It Still Father's Day When You're Pregnant?

dad to be shirtI have never been pregnant on Father's Day. My daughter was born midway between Mother's Day and the day for Dad.

But while moms are pretty open to celebrating Mother's Day when that baby's still in the belly, asking around it seems they're not as keen on giving Dad his due without a breathing, squawking, poo-making baby on the scene.

So what gives?


According to a few dads I asked, they didn't necessarily feel "dad-like" without the baby there. Carrying a baby around for nine months, your life is significantly different, but even the most in-tuned Dad doesn't experience the same level of changes.

They're still in a holding pattern -- often eager for the moment they'll meet their new child -- but stuck with the same old day-to-day routine albeit with a partner whose belly is growing beside them.

My husband was interested and engaged in my pregnancy. He attended as many of my doctor's visits as possible, talked about the future, planned his paternity leave. But he told me it didn't sink in until she arrived.

So maybe a little Father's Day shindig is the way to give him his first real "hits home for him" moment?

He's no less a dad than you are a mom! If you deserve a back rub and a bouquet, doesn't he deserve an afternoon off?

Will you be celebrating Father's Day this year?


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