Pregnant Woman Allows Man to Beat Her & More News

bruise on woman's bodyCrazy. Unbelievable. Shocking. That's how I'd describe the links I'm reading today ...

  • And I thought that Dwight and Angela's "pregnancy contract" on The Office was pretty far-fetched ... a Seattle man actually forced his 19-year-old girlfriend to sign an "abuse contract" that allowed him to physically abuse her anywhere except her pregnant stomach. I don't know who's sicker, the guy or the pregnant woman who signed it. -- The Frisky
  • Former Scientologists say church leaders (I use the word church loosely) pressured certain members of the militant Sea Org branch to have abortions. Sea Org is the organization's parish, a mixture of military and corporate management styles, and written rules say pregnancy and children aren't conducive to the group's goals. The church denies all this, but some women are suing. Watch this shocking video expose. --
  • Fathers' hormones change during pregnancy, too, to help shape them into future fathers. Specifically it's a spike in the hormone cortisol, the fight or flight chemical, about 8 weeks into pregnancy. Why in the world does nature make that happen? Click the link to find out. -- USA Today


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