Uggs and Flip-Flops: More Pregnancy Dangers


Crocs flip-flops
Not a pregnant woman's best friend.
Just yesterday we blogged about the dangers of wearing high heels when pregnant. Today we learn that it's not just heels pregnant women should avoid -- but also Uggs, flip-flops, and ballet flats. What is left? Your bare feet, I guess.

A new study from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, an association of foot doctors in England, found that many of the shoes popular among pregnant women lead to foot problems and should be avoided.

Seven out of 10 women admitted to suffering from foot problems including swollen ankles (37 percent), swollen feet (45 percent), and arch and heel pain (16 percent) while pregnant.

What should they wear?

"Supportive, wide fitting shoes."

In other words, sneakers. 

How boring.

Pregnancy makes us look bad enough, least we could do is dress up once in a while. And that's still okay, the English foot doctors say, just don't make a habit of it. And if you opt for heels at a special event, try for heels of no more than an inch or two to reduce the risk of falls and avoid the stress that they put on the back and knees, especially when pregnant.

Stilettos, for example, can actually alter a woman's posture, shortening calf muscles and putting extra pressure on joints that are already under strain.

As for the ever-popular Uggs and flip-flops, they just don't offer the support pregnant women need. Or any woman, for that matter.

Are you going to stop wearing Uggs and flip-flops during your pregnancy, or will you conveniently ignore this little health warning?

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swilli06 swilli06

When I was pregnant, we lived in Florida. You wear flip flops pretty much year round down there. So, i wore them every day while I was pregnant. And having read this article will not keep me from wearing them when I get pregnant again!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

When I was pregnant with my son the only thing my feet would fit into were flips flops. Reading this will not stop me from wearing my flip flops.

shannan shannan

I'm pretty sure that's not going to stoop too many people.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I actually still think that it's misleading to say "supportive" shoes.  What's healthiest for feet is NO shoes.  If you start adding inflexible soles, then yeah, it's bad for feet... but that doesn't mean stuff shaped like your foot (when all feet are different) is the better solution.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Oops, it submit too soon.  So, my answer?  I'm ignoring it.  I'm going to wear what is most comfortable and causes the least problems FOR ME.

Which actually happens to be Crocs (clog and "Malinda" Mary Jane style), and Adidas foam-cushioned flip-flops.

Steph... StephanieSD

I walk around barefoot most of the time, but no, I'm not giving up the flipflops. Or the heels. If we gave up every thing that some expert says should be given up, we'd pretty much have nothing left to wear, eat, or do and we'd be back to the time when women "in a family way" were shut away from society.

justa... justanotherjen

No way I'm giving up my flip-flops in the summer just because I'm pregnant.  But I only wear them if I'm walking short distances, mostly just around the house (that's even when I'm not pregnant).  If I have a long distance to walk or will be out running a lot of errands I wear my sneakers because they are more comfy for the long run.

nonmember avatar Felicia

I am 7 months pregnant. and i have worn flip flops (from old navy) literally 99.9% of the time EVERY time i go out. and my feet are fine so far :) so this will MAYBE get me to sneakers when going on long walks but other than that i will continue wearing my flip flops<3

Amazo... Amazonora

I couldn't reach my feet to tie shoes at the end of my pregnancy, Crocs flip-flops were the only way to go if hubby wasn't around to tie or buckle my shoes.

nonmember avatar ugg boots

I really didn't realize this, before reading this post!

Anyway, thanks a lot

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