Uggs and Flip-Flops: More Pregnancy Dangers

Crocs flip-flops
Not a pregnant woman's best friend.
Just yesterday we blogged about the dangers of wearing high heels when pregnant. Today we learn that it's not just heels pregnant women should avoid -- but also Uggs, flip-flops, and ballet flats. What is left? Your bare feet, I guess.

A new study from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, an association of foot doctors in England, found that many of the shoes popular among pregnant women lead to foot problems and should be avoided.

Seven out of 10 women admitted to suffering from foot problems including swollen ankles (37 percent), swollen feet (45 percent), and arch and heel pain (16 percent) while pregnant.

What should they wear?


"Supportive, wide fitting shoes."

In other words, sneakers. 

How boring.

Pregnancy makes us look bad enough, least we could do is dress up once in a while. And that's still okay, the English foot doctors say, just don't make a habit of it. And if you opt for heels at a special event, try for heels of no more than an inch or two to reduce the risk of falls and avoid the stress that they put on the back and knees, especially when pregnant.

Stilettos, for example, can actually alter a woman's posture, shortening calf muscles and putting extra pressure on joints that are already under strain.

As for the ever-popular Uggs and flip-flops, they just don't offer the support pregnant women need. Or any woman, for that matter.

Are you going to stop wearing Uggs and flip-flops during your pregnancy, or will you conveniently ignore this little health warning?

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