Ryder: Baby Name of the Day

baby Ryder
Rock on, lil Ryder!
Kate Hudson's been all over the news lately, and what does she like to talk about most? Well, she's a mom -- so she's full of stories about her son Ryder. He wears a cast because he likes to pretend he got it in various heroic ways! He visits her on-set as she films Something Borrowed in NYC! They ride a scooter together on their day off!

Which got me thinking: How do we like the name Ryder, anyway?


It's a very rock 'n' roll name, masculine and playful at the same time. It's part of the surname-as-first-name trend. It's cited in baby-name forums (like the ones here on CafeMom) as rebellious and fun, in addition to being just a little unusual. Here's the thing: It's definitely becoming less unusual.

Since Kate and her ex, rocker Chris Robinson, chose this name in 2004, it has climbed from #653 on the SSA list the year before his birth to #296 the year after. It's now sitting pretty at #145 and climbing. Ryder has a half-sister, Cheyenne, via dad's new wife. Ryder and Cheyenne fit pretty well together.

Winona Ryder, by the way, chose the name because one of her dad's favorite bands was Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, who wrote "Devil With a Blue Dress." Fee fee, fi fi, fo fo, fum!

Aside from celebrity tie-ins, the name means "knight," "mounted warrior," or "messenger," via Old English. There are 373 CafeMoms with sons named Ryder.

What do you think of the name Ryder? What does it say to you? Tell us in the comments!

Image via cheryl.dudley/Flickr

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