Pregnant Teacher Fired for Fornication

pregnant stomachA pregnant teacher has been fired from her job, so why is the school claiming this is anything but pregnancy discrimination?

Because it's a Christian school.

And Jarretta Hamilton admitted that her baby was conceived three weeks before her wedding.



According to ABC News, the school has a strict policy prohibiting "fornication" before marriage.

So as bizarre as it sounds in 2010 to be fired for having sex before marriage, the fact is Hamilton broke the rules.

Which is why I'm stunned that this is news.

She's been on ABC, NBC's Today show, and even in the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

For violating her contract?

I'm not without some sympathy here -- surveys show 9 out of 10 of us have premarital sex, and although it sounds like we're hornier than our grannies, the truth is we're just more open about it.

And let's not forget Hamilton is actually married to the father of her adorable little girl -- and was about to tie the knot with him when they did the deed.

I don't defend the school's reasoning. But I defend their right to their reasons.

Just as I question why gay families send their children to religious schools and then hoot and holler when the kids are kicked out. The school is clearly in the wrong, but you knew that going in folks!

Do you think Hamilton is being discriminated against for being pregnant?


Image via rahego/Flickr

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