More Kardashian Babies?

Kardashian Sisters
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First, Khloe Kardashian denied pregnancy rumors and proclaimed she was just fat; now she's teasing us with the possibility that she is indeed pregnant.

"If I was [pregnant], I would not say anything to anyone because you can't say anything [until] past a certain point," the Kardashian sister told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his radio show. "It's about health."


Her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, has been anything but secretive about her desire to get pregnant again and give her 6-month-old son, Mason, a sibling who is close in age.

"Kim and I are 18 months apart," she told Eonline. "We had the best childhood. It was so fun. Scott was an only child and I always say to him, 'Who did you play with and stuff?' It's just weird. I think Mason should have a sibling."

As for her tumultuous relationship with her baby daddy, Scott Disick (who I personally cannot stand)?

"It definitely got to a dark place in Miami, but I think it helped Scott to realize some issues he needs to work on," she told "And I definitely set boundaries with him with the things I require for someone who's going to be in my son's life."

Kourtney also told Seacrest about the Belly Bandit, her secret weapon for getting back in shape after baby.

"Right away, when I had Mason in the hospital, I used a Belly Bandit," Kourtney said. "You wrap it. It's like from ancient times. You use it for 45 days, and it's supposed to help your tummy go back to normal because you can't work out for six weeks anyway, not that I have time." 

Wow, wish I had know about that!

Which Kardashian sister do you think will announce a pregnancy first?

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