Cristiano: Baby Name of the Day

Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo from Cristiano Ronaldo's Facebook
Cristiano Ronaldo may be the first soccer player to sneak his way past David Beckham in my heart.

The sexy Portuguese player has World Cup fans on their feet cheering, but I've got to admit he had me at the Armani.

But then again, so did Becks.

So where does this world class playboy have it over the British lad who can bend the ball?

Oh that name.


Like Amy said recently of Alejandro, the addition of that O is tres sexy.

Because what else do you think about when you hear an "o"? Oh, is that just me? Bummer.

I'm still crazy for Cristiano, a Spanish version of the more popular (in America) Christian.

The name is not ranked here in the states, although Christian itself is 25th among the children of moms here on CafeMom.

Not up for this version? My mom loved Chretien, which is Greek (and the surname of one of Canada's former prime ministers), but my father told her it sounded too close to "cretin," so I don't have a brother named Chretien!

And don't forget the girls: There's always the French Christiane, like the uber-successful Christiane Amanpour.

Do you dig this soccer phenom's moniker?

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