Katherine Heigl Curbs Cursing: Preparing for Motherhood

Katherine HeiglBecoming a mother changes everything. It certainly did for me. I did a 180 when my boyfriend bailed when I was 11 weeks pregnant. I had to leave NYC and find a more affordable apartment in the Jersey burbs. I had to lease a Jeep and buy car insurance.

Soon, I'd change careers, going from a full-time magazine writer to a freelance writer -- a career move that allows me to work from home. It's a blessing and a huge curse. I'm around for my son, but I'm also alone a lot, writing, transcribing interview tapes, emailing with editors, and no longer participating in fun, creative pitch meetings. It wasn't the career I wanted -- but my son trumps all -- I have new priorities now and I know what's important.

Motherhood has also encouraged me to ...


Reel in the spending (ba-bye designer shoes and bags -- my extra money goes into my IRA and my son's savings account). Not that I was ever a heavy drinker, but I can say that I don't drink at all anymore. It makes me feel silly, then sleepy and as a single parent, I can't be that way. I'm really into my health too. I eat super-healthy, not only to stay fit and energized but to encourage these habits in my son -- it's working! He loves fruits and veggies and is already a champion runner! He's also a parrot, so my one-time potty-mouth has been curbed. Killers star Katherine Heigl knows what I'm talking about.

She told Fox News: “[It] used to be smoking but I quit, so now it’s just cursing but I’ve curtailed that because my daughter is in a mimicking phase where she’ll repeat everything I say, and that did happen once before.”

What changed about you when you were pregnant and then became a mom?


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