Pregnant or Just Overweight? Why You May Not Be Offered a Seat on the Bus

Baby on Board button
People have become so terrified of calling one another fat that they have taken to refusing to give up their seats on the bus to pregnant women.

Well, maybe "refusing" is a bit harsh. It may be more like not offering. But still, the end result is that you, your unborn baby, and 35 extra pounds of placenta, water weight, and infant have to stand throughout your whole commute, all because people are scared the basketball under your dress may just be extra weight.

According to the Telegraph: "More than four in five pregnant women questioned by parenting website said they had been made to remain standing on public transport."


I get this. My daughter's preschool teacher is a thin woman and was clearly sporting a baby bump for months before I worked up the courage to ask her if she was pregnant.

I clearly remember the mortification I felt when my grandfather -- a man not known for his tact -- asked a waitress when she was due, and after she said, "I am not pregnant," he suggested a diet plan. Shudder.

The solution? "Baby on Board" stickers for pregnant women. "Mothercare has issued a 'Baby on Board' badge for pregnant mothers in the hope they will be offered seats more readily," according to the Telegraph.

And while I would have happily sported that as I spent many an uncomfortable, pregnant commute pressed up against some strange man on the subway, I also think it's kind of a cop-out. Who among us can't really tell the difference between pregnant and obese? And even if that were the case, since when is offering a seat anything but polite? Personally, I think these people just want to hold on to their prime bus real estate.

I can remember having to actually ask people to get up toward the end of my pregnancy. I even wrote a letter to the newspaper, I was so appalled. So, no. I don't think they thought I was fat. I think they were only thinking of themselves.

What do you think of this? Is it just an excuse to keep a seat on the bus?

Image via  Danny McL/Flickr

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