Maternity Dream Jeans: Paige Union Jegging

TPaige Jeggings
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hey're the ultimate splurge: premium jeans for your nine-month journey through expanding waistline-ville.

Schmantzy denim brands like Lucky, 7 for All Mankind, and Citizens of Humanity have spendy-splurgy denim for the gestating set – and Paige Denim is no exception.

Their newest addition to the upscale-gestating-jean market is the Union Jegging, a maternity version of their denim legging, which features elastic panels at the waist, near the front pockets, and is made of super-light, super-stretchy denim. We chatted with designer and founder Paige Adams-Geller about this new wrinkle – and her jeans in general.


Adams-Geller, by the way, is the heroine of one of those inspirational tales that makes you want to run out and buy $200 jeans. An Elite model who was crowned Miss California 1991 and competed for Miss America, she nearly flamed out when anorexia took hold of her. She fought her way back to health and became one of the most requested fit models for jeans. Years of that work made her a denim expert, so when she launched Paige Denim in 2005, she knew what she was doing. Her jeans are known for taking not-so-perfect assets and making them look their best – working with you, not against you, for denim perfection.

How long has maternity been part of your line?

We started our Paige Maternity line in 2006. We started with our boot-cut Laurel Canyon  in a restructured fit for expecting mothers, and it grew into a full collection. We now have maternity versions of the skinny Blue Heights, the boyfriend-style Jimmy Jimmy, and of course the Union Jegging – plus a mix of jeans that either have a belly panel or an interior adjustable waistband.

What inspired you to add a maternity line?

I've never been pregnant myself, but I've always loved helping women find the perfect jeans for their bodies. I wanted to lend my fit expertise to pregnant women, as well. I was lucky enough to have designers and wash experts who'd been pregnant and could help me find the best fit possible.

How did you adjust the Paige brand for maternity?

The Paige brand's underlying principles are fit, fabric, and finish. So the collection continues to be clean and sophisticated, but with a few fashion changes.

Did you change the whole jean – getting more generous in the butt and thigh area – or are the maternity adjustments strictly about the bump?

The customer should wear the same size she wore pre-pregnancy. We add to the width of the jean to accommodate normal growth from the first trimester into the early third.

What do you do right, that other maternity designers do wrong?

Many maternity designers hide or downplay the beauty of the pregnant woman. Paige likes to enhance that shape, keeping women feeling sexy and fashion-forward during pregnancy.


How do you like the Union Jegging?

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