Warning: Don't Wear Heels When Pregnant

purple high heels
Flickr photo by wenzday01
When I was pregnant, I was working full-time in the magazine industry and that meant that I had to dress that way. Dresses, skirts, pencil-cut trousers -- I dressed up for work.

Confession: I dressed down my feet. Yep, I let my stilettos collect dust in the closet and opted for fierce gladiator sandals, dainty ballet slippers and bedazzled flats -- on Fridays, I wore dressy flip flops.

It wasn't to prevent aching feet -- it was to avoid a slip and fall.


A baby bump not only causes your weight to increase, but your body shape and center of gravity transforms, too.

"There are various musculoskeletal changes that occur throughout pregnancy as a result of hormonal fluctuations and weight gain. An exaggerated curve of the lower back, joint laxity, and a change in the center of gravity are some of these common adaptations of pregnancy. Ideally, expectant moms should avoid wearing excessive high heels if they begin to experience back pain. They also should skip high heels to avoid falling,"says Dr. Lisa M. Valle, DO.

Bummer! But to the rescue: Three cute flats to wear now!

Kelsi Dagger Covered Heel Sandal, $88, UrbanOutfitters.com

Blowfish open-toe flat, $38.95, zappos.com

Rockstar Jelly Stone Sandal, on sale now for just $13.99, Payless.com

Be honest, are you wearing heels during your pregnancy?

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