(More) Summer 2010 Trends for Pregnant Fashionistas

Fashion layers
Flickr photo by pinkandwhite25
Many of the trends I'm seeing in stores like Anthropologie and H&M are the same styles one might see at Pea in the Pod. As in, exactly. The same. Style.

So why not skip the middle man and buy the clothes that will get you through pregnancy and beyond?

Yesterday, I brought you some Summer 2010 trends and how to incorporate them into your maternity wardrobe. Today, I will offer three more.


Yesterday covered leggings, '80s, and sparkle. Today we're talking more work-appropriate fare.

Three trends:


Layers are a pregnant woman's best friend. And not just because our body temperature changes every five minutes. It's also because the current layering style is a bottom-fitted layer with flowing tops, which is both comfortable and flattering to a growing belly. Layers are also an important component of the postpartum wardrobe (and of the baby wardrobe), so get to know them and love them. Done right? They can be very useful, especially at the office when you need a tank top outside, but a sweater inside.

Kitten Heels:

Before I had my first baby, I was a heel devotee. Say it with me: A. Heel. Devotee. I wouldn't have worn less than three inches and teetered around on stilettos basically constantly (even at home where I would don my four-inch marabou mules). Those days have long passed and I switched to flats early in my pregnancy and never really went back to stilettos. There have been days when I just stare at my shoe collection longingly knowing that it's impractical for play dates and park afternoons, but wanting to wear them all the same. A solution? The kitten heel. OK, so it's more conservative than a pair of Manolos, but it's flattering, adds some height, and is much more comfortable to pregnant, swollen feet than a pointy heel.

Side Parts/Ponytails:

We already covered this on The Stir, but it's a great one to reiterate. The look is more playful and somewhat more stylish than a regular ponytail -- and it's a great style to master before the baby comes and you never have time to do your hair again.


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