Baby Misdiagnosed as Dead: Get That Second Opinion!

ultrasound of babyLesson of the Year: Should you ever get a fetal scan and receive the devastating news that your baby no longer has a heartbeat, GET A SECOND OPINION. With a doctor that uses UP-TO-DATE scanning and ultrasound equipment.

A woman in Ireland who was 8 weeks pregnant received a routine scan at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda and was told there was no heartbeat. The staff started making plans to remove the fetus.


Melissa Redmond, a married mom of three, had suffered four previous miscarriages. Because she was still experiencing morning sickness and "felt" pregnant, she and her husband decided to get a second opinion -- and what a blessing they did.

A new scan showed the baby was alive and well, his little heart just beating away.

The couple confronted the staff at their old hospital, who apparently was using equipment that was outdated, and took an even more effective route by making their story public to help other mothers, reports BBC.

"When we decided to go forward with the story we knew there was going to be stories like this coming out, we knew there would be women wondering if the same thing happened to them," Michael Redmond, the husband, said.

Their baby boy, Michael Jr, is now 13 weeks old.

Has your doctor ever made a grave misstep on a medical procedure or in giving you pregnancy advice?

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