Keanu: Baby Name of the Day

Sad Keanu
Photo from Know Your Meme
Pictures of Keanu Is Sad have become the saddest Internet meme of the month, and it just doesn't fit the image I have of a Keanu.

Admittedly that's because when I think Keanu, I've got Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on my addled '80s child brain.

But give me a little credit. After years of working in the parenting biz, I know my baby names.

And the meaning of Keanu just doesn't fit the profile.


With a Hawaiian derivation, everyone's favorite computer hacker/stoner/surfboarder/speeding bus savior has a name that means "breeze" according to some sources, or "cool breeze over the mountains."

Either way, the light and airy meaning is a far cry from Keanu crying on a bench, isn't it?

But as someone who has never been to Hawaii (sigh), it's a name that has that exotic vacation-y sound to it. I love the idea of a cool breeze -- mountains or none -- when you're staring at your toddler in the midst of a temper tantrum.

In truth, all the Hawaiian baby names I love ended up beginning with a "K":




If none of them fits your baby, how about just getting in the Keanu Is Sad game with the fun Photoshoppable Reeves from Know Your Meme?


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