Summer 2010 Trends for Preggos

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Summer 2010
is going to be a good season to be pregnant, at least fashion-wise.

Between the over sized flowing, draped clothing and the leggings, most mamas-to-be should be able to rock real-time trends in their actual sizes while also beating the heat. 

Over the next two days, I am going to explore some of the real trends that moms-to-be can also rock.

Both times I as pregnant, I hated two things:

1. Maternity clothing

2. Trendy maternity clothing


I also hated to spend money on clothing I knew had only a nine-month-long shelf life. I always tried to find the clothing I could buy one size up from my regular size, so they would also be able to be worn during the "fourth trimester" (the initial post-birth months). And some clothing -- anything with elastic -- I just bought in my old size.

Three Summer 2010 trends that work for both preggo and non-preggo:

The 80's Look

Walk into any American Apparel store and it is immediately apparent from the neon, scrunchies, leggings, lace and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts -- the 80's are back.

Lucky for pregnant ladies, the 80's was a time of stretch (just like your bellies!) So you can rock an off the shoulder sweatshirt and pair it with a nice long tank, both of which you can then wear again after the baby is born.

You can also wear a cute jean jacket on chilly summer nights and not have to worry about buttoning around the belly.

I must caution you, though: stay away from neon. I am not convinced the look is good on anyone, but particularly not on the preggos. Let's stick to basics.


Leggings are a pregnant woman's best friend. They also happen to be very, very in right now. I would stay away from some of the louder, leopard prints and snake skin pairs, but in dark colors, with a baby doll dress, you can be both fashionable and pregnant. At the same time! They are also a great transition piece. Slip into a pair when you get home from work in the early months as your belly is expanding and then again after the baby is born before the belly has settled back to normal. It is so much better than the sweatpants those of us who had babies before leggings came back in were relegated to wearing.


Everything is sequined this season and you can be, too. OK, so maybe we should leave the floor length sequined gowns to female impersonators (and Vanna White), but there are plenty of sparkly accessories we can wear while pregnant that will also add some fun into our post-baby life, too. Look for silver or sequined flats or a sequined bracelet. There are also bib necklaces with plenty of oomph that can be fun to play with.

What are your tricks for staying on top of the trends while pregnant?

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