Danica: Baby Name of the Day

Danica Patrick is the dream girl of many guy friends I know. Just look at her attributes: She's gorgeous, sassy, real, rocks a hot bikini body, and drives fast cars. Just that last one alone would be sufficient enough for most men. She's married, however -- sorry, guys.

Those that prefer brains to engines might go as eagerly for Danica McKellar, who could be Patrick's older sister by the look of her. They have the same long raven hair, perfect skin, and athletic body, but this Danica has a math whizz brain. She's married, too, and is pregnant with her first child.

Its origins are Norse and Serbian, and it's pretty popular in Croatia right now.


I like the name Danica because it has an edge. It's feminine, but has a masculine quality to it that says these women are no-nonsense, they know what they want, and they're going for it.

Love the meaning, too. It means "morning star," and as the baby name site Nameberry says, it's a fresh take on Danielle and Daniela, two very nice but also very popular names. Danica is pretty unpopular, at 379 on the Social Security Administration's Most Popular Names List.

Would you consider the name Danica for your baby girl?

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