Kelly Preston's Mom Confirms One Baby

Kelly Preston
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Weeks after we learned the good news, Kelly Preston's mom, Linda Carlson, spilled a few details about her daughter's pregnancy to, and the most startling fact to come out of it is: She's expecting one baby, not two. Preston and husband John Travolta don't appear to know the sex -- yet.

Rumors swirled recently that the 47-year-old actress was expecting twin boys, a claim the couple's publicist quickly denied.

I wonder how Preston feels about her mom talking to the press about such personal details? I wouldn't want my own mother to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, but maybe that's the way the stunning Preston (I just can't believe she's 47) wanted it.


Carlson told she "burst into tears" when she heard her daughter was pregnant with her third child.

"I cried so hard I couldn't see straight, just bawled my eyes out," she said. "Because I've been so worried about her! When they're that unhappy. I could cry right now remembering."

Preston and her husband John Travolta, 56, lost their son, Jett, after he suffered a seizure in January 2009. (They're also parents to 10-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu.) They were then extorted by the Bahamian paramedics who first responded to the call.

Carlson says the new addition -- "he or she, whatever" -- will know all about Jett. She said Kelly had been trying to have a baby since his death.

"We are over the moon, I've been praying that this would happen. Anything to get them out of their sorrow. I just can't wait for this child to arrive. It's taken them out of such deep grief and made them able to focus on new life. It just couldn't come at a better time."

According to Carlson, Preston announced the news at a family lunch shortly after her brother, Chris, revealed he was engaged.

"She just said, 'I'm pregnant!' and it just spilled out," Carlson recalled.

Preston's mother said her daughter is not concerned about pregnancy complications due to her age.

"She's not worried about it at all," Carlson said. "She takes really good care of herself and she's in good health. She looks so much younger."

Carlson did not say how Preston conceived, though the speculation is that it was through IVF and an egg donor, since the risk of birth defects at such an advanced maternal age is so high.

Would you be okay with your mother discussing your pregnancy with strangers?

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