5 Movies Pregnant Women Should Avoid


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There are many things a pregnant woman does not want to see when she sits down to watch a movie and pretty high up on that list is anything that will scare her about what is to come.

The movie does no even have to be about pregnancy to be disturbing. When I was pregnant I felt vulnerable in a way I never had before and so, for me, almost any scary movie (a genre I typically love) was verboten. However, not all movies are equal.

And so, here are five movies that no pregnant woman should, under any circumstances, sit through unless she is very strong or not easily scared. Even then ... Well, let's just say ... You have been warned.

Inside still
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This little French film is the story of a recently widowed woman who is nine months pregnant on Christmas, whose baby is due the next day and who ends up meeting a woman who wants her baby - possibly more than she does. Gore, pain and emotional disembowelment round out a movie that should come with a warning label: not to be rented by occupied wombs.

2.) It's Alive: Not pregnant? This movie is Movie poster It's Alive
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hilarious. Pregnant or with a new baby? Watch out.  My husband and I saw a midnight showing of the original (not the 2008 remake) when our second baby (our son) was three months old and I swear every night for the next six months, I thought he was trying to kill me with his screams. The story is that of two parents who have their baby in the hospital only to discover it kills when frightened. And it gets frightened a lot.

Rosemary's Baby still
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3.) Rosemary's Baby: A woman (Mia Farrow) is living in New York City with her actor husband and becomes pregnant. Soon after her strange neighbors begin taking far too much interest in her and the baby. If you thought you felt vulnerable before, see how you feel after seeing this flick.

4.) Dawn of the Dead: The (remade) movie itself is notDawn poster
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so shocking -- your typical zombie fare -- but the scene where zombie mama gives birth to zombie baby ... Well, let's just say, I hope you don't choke on your popcorn. Not. Cool.

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Grace: I saved the best for last. This one attacks all any modern nature-loving granola mommy holds dear - breastfeeding, organic foods, natural childbirth, overweening love of child. In short, it is the terrifying tale of a baby with an unholy appetite and a mother who will stop at nothing to feed her daughter. Shudder. Do. Not. See. Do. Not. If there is any movie, I must implore that you not rent, this would be it.

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Julie... Julieryanevans

I don't know if anyone should see these movies, haha. but yes, definitely no pregnant women! Also all the emotional ones on Lifetime, etc. about childhood illnesses, abduction, etc. too emotional.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I saw all these movies before I was pregnant and then again when I was pregnant.

Julie... Julieryanevans

LoriAnn--you are much braver than I!

joyce... joycegina

this makes me want to watch them more ! lol im curious now! hahah

RanaA... RanaAurora

What is the movie with Angelina Jolie where the dude stabs her in the "pregnant" stomach at the end?  I'd avoid that movie JUST for that.

kidko kidko

omg i so know that movie.... now im going to be thinking bout it all night

Lokis... LokisMama

Also, avoid Alien vs. Predator Requium.  Aside from the fact that it's a freaking terrible movie, the "predator alien" pumps a very pregnant woman's uterus full of little predator alien demon things that then proceed to eat the baby and then tear their way out of mom's stomach.

LadyKiki LadyKiki

I could hardly watch anything when I was pregnant, let alone a horror film with babies in them. I watched er a lot when I was pregnant and the episode where Dr. Green died made me cry for hours. I didn't watch much tv when I was pregnant :).

Mrsdm... Mrsdmore25

You can add 'Jeepers Creepers' and 'Signs" to the list. LMBO

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