Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant Again?

Jennifer Garner
Photo by Splash News
Speculation that Jennifer Garner is pregnant with baby number three is nothing new. Since the birth of daughter Seraphina Rose 17 months ago, wondering, watchful eyes have never moved far from her belly. But could it be true this time?


The latest reports that she's pregnant come from Fame Pictures:

"Actress Jennifer Garner made her way out with the girls and her mother on June 6, 2010. Violet Affleck and little sister Seraphina enjoyed a ride in the stroller with their Grandmother Pat Garner while mom Jennifer ran into the local Pacific Palisades, California, Starbucks for some refreshments. Jennifer covered up on an overcast day but her tummy looked suspicious in a blue zip up hooded sweater in a pair of loose fit jeans. Could Jennifer and Ben Affleck have a secret baby bump growing?"

You can check out the pictures for yourself, but I certainly wouldn't suspect a pregnancy based on the shots alone. Other pictures were released in April, and I think she almost looks thinner now than she did then. Also, Garner's reps have shot down rumors saying she is "absolutely not pregnant."

Still, I hope the rumors are true. Her daughters are beyond gorgeous, and she and Ben seem to embrace and exceed at their parenting roles.  

So it would be great news, but until it's real news, I'm not getting too excited.

Do you think Jennifer Garner is pregnant again?

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