Alejandro: Baby Name of the Day

Flickr photo of Alejandro from Raúl A.
Oh, Lady Gaga, you've done it again -- garnered wild publicity with your latest video, Alejandro. Love her. Love the video. No idea what she's singing about, or what it could all have to do with goose-stepping indigenous tribesman in panties and heels and a steampunk nun. The important question is, how do you like Alejandro as a baby name?

This is the Spanish version of Alexander, which is a very nice name (if you don't mind Star Trek: The Next Generation geeks like myself yelling, "ALEXANDER!" in a Worf voice and then responding, "I don't care about honor, father." Yeah. I know. Major nerd.).

But ooh, how much more flair does Alexander take on when you add the "handro"! That'd really turn heads at the playground! Well, that and calling him "Alley-Alley-Andro."


Is this the kind of ethnic name that feels like it's at home in mainstream culture, like Xavier, Diego, and Carlos? (Or are those only mainstream in my hipster neighborhood? I know a Huckleberry, by the way.) I don't know, but it's darn cute, and there are worse things than having a catchy song follow you around. When I was a kid, I'd wiggle with joy when people sang "Once in Love With Amy" at me.

Last year, it came in at #121 on the SSA website, where it has actually dropped in popularity from around position #100 in the previous 10 to 15 years. Pretty respectable. There are 306 CafeMom boys with this name.

Derived from the original Alexander, of Greek origin, Alejandro means "Defending Warrior." But please note: Alexander's been in the top 25 since 1991, and in the past 10 years, Alex has been in the top 100, Xander has made a steady climb from 925 to 244, and Zander has made a similar leap from 996 to 290. Enough already. It's time to make the leap to Alejandro. Alejandro Gaga Hauser Keyishian -- aren't you guys so sad I'm having a girl?

So what do you think? Will Alejandro make a great leap in popularity this year? Or would you rather name your kid Telephone or Paparazzi?

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