A Baby Shower by Skype?

Flickr photo by GDS Digital
Baby showers are supposed to be a big ol' family celebration. So what do you do when you're halfway across the world from your family?

Skype them all in!

That's what US Army Staff Sgt. Christine Downing's family did.

The soldier is serving in Germany during her pregnancy, while her family is here in the states.


But rather than miss out on the phone, they threw a transatlantic baby shower, says the Courier Post.

In this case, Downing was on one side and the majority of her guests on the other, but this can also work well to incorporate one or two out-of-town family members who can join the group festivities.

The planning is fairly simple: Mail off your gifts with directions not to open until such and such date at such and such time. Then just power up the computer at said time.

It was the pre-Skype era, but my aunts did something similar when I was first married and living in the South. They sent wedding gifts to my new apartment with directions that my husband and I couldn't open them all until a certain date. Then I got phone calls wishing us a long and happy life together (and looking at 10 years of marriage this fall, it worked!).

Will your family be able to attend your shower?

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